Welcome to MCF Africa Safaris

MCF Africa Safaris was founded in July 2011 with the goal of providing unmatched quality travel and tour services for the volunteer and donor community who often visit MCF in Kenya as well as other clients worldwide. MCF Africa Safaris is currently acting as an agent between customers, airlines and hotelsand to date, has been catering to the travel needs of visitors to MCF and is now ready to spread its wings and reach out to a wider customer base.

MCF Africa Safaris was started to supplement the Mully Children’s Family Homes sustainability efforts. Every shilling of profit goes back to support the thousands of children that have been rescued from the streets, or from abject poverty. As we take you to the skies, or facilitate your enjoyment of the beautiful and breathtaking sites and sounds across the globe, we are uplifting the lives of children who would otherwise be lost in this world.

With the strong and reliable relationship that we have built with hotels and airlines over time, clients can be assured that the most special rates and discounts will be reserved for them and that attention to detail is our priority in ensuring that their journey and stay is most comfortable.

Ever think the tedious task of planning a trip and then having to take care of the all the details on your own? MCF Africa Safaris has taken a more homely approach to your travel. All you need to do is tell us when you want to travel and how you want to spend your time in East Africa and we will arrange the details from getting on the plane, to your hotel and then to your planned safari or excursion for maximum ease and enjoyment, without you having to literally lift a finger!